Pilates of Athens is the only facility where you receive personalized training sessions on pilates specialized equipment. Instructors are thoroughly trained and certified to teach both mat and equipment exercises.  Session currently by appointment only.  Prices are based on group size, location, and registration.



  • 2000 Ohio State Medical Board - Licensed Massage Therapist
  • 2003 Capital University - BA Health and Fitness Management
  • 2004 Sivananda Ashram - 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification
  • 2008 Personal Best Pilates Instructor Academy - 750 hour Pilates full apparatus and mat  certification
  • 2015 Pilates Method Alliance Certification

I love my job as a Classical Pilates Instructor at Pilates Athens. All of my skills, experience, and knowledge come together in the Pilates studio. Through my years of experience as a massage therapist, movement and fitness instructor, as well as sports and fitness training, I have been led by my desire to understand the body through movement and healing. I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for the Pilates Method. I am delighted time and again about how Pilates gets results!  You can find me teaching mixed level mat classes at the Athens Community Center, where you can experience a welcoming environment. I also enjoy teaching private and semi private equipment sessions at the studio to all levels of ability from the new beginner to the most advanced, everyone is encouraged to work within one's individual  ability. Always taking a creative approach to keep workouts fresh, while also enjoying the touchstone of the Classical System. I also offer the occasional treat of small group Restorative Yoga. 


  • 2002 Letha Yoga Certification
  • 2004 Founded Gaia Tree Alive, llc. - Gem and Minerals 
  • 2009 Power Pilates- Full Mat and Apparatus Certification
  • 2016 Rolfing Structural Integration Certification
  • 2016 Pilates Method Alliance Certification

I first had the opportunity to experience Pilates in 2005 at Pilates of Athens.   I had not anticipated so much relief by developing balance and core integrity through the Pilates method.  Old injuries and bad habits can be a challenge, Pilates is a large part of my solution.  My journey of the body began around 1997 with various forms of yoga practice. Letha Yoga's compassionate stretching system gave me a deep understanding of the body and the tools to promote ease.  The Power Pilates training system has expanded my knowledge of the body, and given me the necessary tools to share the classical Pilates work.  After years of receiving Rolfing Structural Integration, I am Certified to share Dr. Ida Rolf's visionary work with the Pilates of Athens community. Through Rolfing,  I may help you increase your order of functionality and support in your structure.

Client Testimonials


Susan Barrows, OU Student, 23

It is true that Pilates really is a lifestyle.  It reminds me to incorporate good posture and use core muscles in everyday situations. I find that I am more aware of my body and make better choices when it comes to my diet also.

Mike Chappman, 47

After struggling with back pain and prescription drugs, I was willing to try anything. I have known James for years and he had mentioned that Pilates had helped his seemingly hopeless back and hip pain. So, I tried 20 minutes of Pilates mat work with James.  When I finished I could stand up with ease and could bend down and touch my toes! I purchased a Pilates book from James and was able to continue my Pilates mat program at home. I am getting stronger everyday and now experience the benefits James had been talking about all these years.

Don Flournoy, Athens, OH

 I am 72 years old and in good health. Over the past 20 years, a lumbar lamenectomy, hernia operation, prostate surgery and an emergency appendectomy slowed me down quite a bit, but it was pilates and an occasional visit to a terrific massage therapist that put me up-right again. I no longer do sports but pilates instructors Karena Kilcoin and James Skalsky have been a great help in keeping me active. It works for me.

Susan Zano, Athens, OH

I first learned about Pilates from a body worker in Colorado.  She said my lower back pain could vanish if I practiced Pilates. No one in Athens had heard of it in the the early 1980's. Within a year Marina Walchli, from the OU dance school, with the help of Dora Wilson, brought it to the OU "Communiversity." Immediately I loved it. Only five perfect repetitions needed! It had fun names like swan, seal, jackknife, teaser, mermaid, snake twist, etc. I found it challenging and the fast pace appealed to me. I rapidly saw changes in my body. (I hurt myself a few times as I discovered my limits in movement,) but recovery was fast as I was getting stronger.

The best part is that I continue to get stronger, more controlled, more focused, with fuller and deeper breath. My overall efficiency of movement allows me to work harder all the time. I know that I will do this for my entire life. I love to be pain-free and do everything physical I want to, including the most intensive gardening I can dream of. With a strong core, everything falls into place naturally.

Karena Kilcoin, Pilates Instructor

Pilates has changed my body immensely over the years.  Pilates is the only exercise that has worked for me in creating a waist line. I am continually surprised and delighted in the body conditioning, pain management, improved posture, and vitality I receive from my regular Pilates practice. Once I started Pilates over 7 years ago, I have never skipped a week, and that is saying a lot about the enjoyment and benefits I have received. My favorite benefit I have received in practicing Pilates is improved self confidence!