"...physical fitness is the attainment and maintenance of a uniformly developed body, with a sound mind, fully capable of naturally, easily, and satisfactorily performing our many and varied daily tasks with spontaneous zest and pleasure."

-Joseph H. Pilates

Pilates of Athens (Ohio) is committed to providing the highest quality Pilates instruction to our community. We offer personalized instruction of a time-tested body conditioning method. Our thoroughly trained instructors help you reach your goals, get results, and enrich your life through the classical Pilates method. It is our pleasure to provide a space for the Athens community to practice and grow
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Please see class descriptions and prices below the schedule.
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     Aug 23 - Dec 6
       (no class Nov 1)

   of Athens
     Karena              Tuesday
   Sept 13 - Nov 14
      (no class Nov 1)

   Sept 15 - Nov 16
     (no class Oct 27)
     Aug 24 - Dec 7
     (no class Aug 31,
       Oct 27, or Nov 2)

 430PM   WellWorks

By Appointment
  of Athens 

Receive individualized instruction in this small group class.  You will get stretched and strengthened on the cadillac.  Find your balance and realign on the reformer.  Develop pure core strength on the chair.  Love how your body moves after this pure Pilates workout! 

 By Appointment
Location: Pilates of Athens
Instructor: James or Karena

Create a group with a couple of friends or let us help you get one started!  Call the studio or email a request to find a time for your customized small group equipment class.  Space and scheduling are limited.

The fee for this class is contingent upon class size. 
Duet $30 per person per class
Triplet $25 per person per class
Call 740-594-2332 and please leave a message
email pilatesofathens@gmail.com

Classical Pilates Mat follows the series of exercises developed by Joseph Pilates that build core strength, improve alignment, create longevity and an enhanced zest for life.  The fundamental principles of breathing, centering, precision and flow develop body awareness, fluidity of movement, and better posture through a supported core.  Symmetry, balanced muscle development, flexibility, and a strong core are natural results from performing the Pilates Method.  Learn these exercises to create a home exercise practice that is easily portable.
Classical Pilates Mat is open to all skill levels.  Pilates is infinitely modifiable, making all exercises accessible to everyone.  There is always a variation to bring more challenge for the advanced level.  Classical Pilates Mat develops deep core strength and helps to align the body.  Exercises are performed lying down or seated on the floor.  The exercises develop flexibility along with strength, leaving the body feeling refreshed and energized.  Concentration is required when performing the exercises creating a strong mental focus.  Learning Pilates fundamentals and the beginner series for a home workout, you will gain core strength and stability in 360 degrees.  Taking your flexibility to the next level is inevitable as all of the exercises have a stretching component.  Every exercise is a full body workout increasing body awareness and well being. Setting the tone for your day, you will leave the studio feeling strong, confident, and refreshed. 

Restorative yoga is a yoga practice in which the yoga practitioner is completely supported in yoga asanas (or poses) with props.  These props include blankets, bolsters, straps, walls, and chairs.  B.K.S. Iyengar is a great yoga master who developed this restorative approach in order to accommodate students who could not perform the traditional yoga asanas due to limited mobility, illness, physical challenges, other limitations, and/or injury.  When the practitioner is fully supported by the props, the body feels safe, relaxed, and at ease allowing the asana to be held for longer periods of time, without any strain.  In this case, the multiple benefits of each asana can be more profound and long lasting.  At this time Gaia Tree Alive Sacred Space is offering Restorative Yoga on a monthly basis and by appointment. We offer small group with a minimum of 5 people or one on one sessions.  We can accommodate groups less than 5 people so please contact the studio for pricing.  Session range from 1-2 hours.  Namaste. 

 Rolfing Structural Integration addresses the clients structure and its' relationship to gravity.  A variety of techniques and range of pressure are utilized to lend more adaptability and support to your life.  Rolfing focuses on the fascia, which is the connective tissues that give tensile support to all of our tissues, organs, and structures.  This approach utilizes Dr. Ida Rolf's visionary recipe that addresses the clients' system holistically.  Clients' gain another level of awareness of their body through interaction and movement cueing during the work.  Observations and specific tests lend information on the individual needs of each client for a truly individualized approach.  Through the integrative journey, you'll experience your body, self, and the world with a new awareness.    

 Location Class
 Registration Fee
 Pilates of Athens Pilates Mat $60 / 6 classes  $12 
Athens Rec Center
Located at
701 East State St
Pilates Mat

Contact RC to register
 Pilates of Athens  Restorative Yoga $15 class (1.5 hr)
 $50 1hr private/ $70  1.5hr
Pilates of Athens
$25 per duet
$30 per triplet 
Pilates of Athens
 private session
 $40 per weekly session
Located at
 Ohio University
E124 Grover Center
Pilates  Free for Wellworks members            $8             
*Preregistration is recommended to reserve your spot.  There is a minimum of six registered students per mat class and two per equipment class.  Registration fee is the reduced price when signing up for an entire session.  The schedule and prices are subject to change.


Everyone wants to feel great!  The most important way to accomplish this goal is through consistent and efficient exercise.  Pilates Mat or Equipment training is a great place to find new possibilities in your own inner strength.  Leave your workout feeling refreshed, focused, strong, and energized!


Pilates of Athens is proud to announce our newest addition to our services...ROLFING!  CONGRATULATIONS JAMES FOR COMPLETING THE INTENSIVE ROLFING STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION CERTIFICATION!!!  What is Rolfing you ask?  Rolfing SI is a formulaic approach addressing the structure's relationship with gravity through the Fascia, which connects all of our tissues.  Restrictive adhesions reduce the bodies adaptability and support.  This work brings a higher order of function to the structure for greater freedom in your life. 

Pilates of Athens is happy to help you find a workout that would be a perfect fit for your skill level, income needs, and schedule.  Options range from mat classes for $8-10 to Pilates equipment session for $25-$45 depending on the number of participants.  We are proud to offer the most affordable Pilates workouts in America to our Athens, Ohio community.  We want you to feel great about yourself and your workout!  

Pilates of Athens looks forward to keeping a steady schedule you can count on through the seasons.  If you have any special requests, concerns, or constructive feedback on how we can better serve you, we are always looking to upgrade and uplift the Pilates community.

You will love how your body feels after Pilates' unique and invigorating full body exercise series on the mat.  Learn to move from your core and train your body to maintain good alignment, assisting in injury prevention. 

 If you want to get started but cannot be accommodated by the community class schedule, please contact the studio and get scheduled for a Pilates Equipment session or Equipment Class. There are currently classes being formed for anyone who is interested in getting started on the equipment.  Contact the studio at pilatatesofathens@gmail.com or call 740-594-2332 for more information on these equipment classes.  Pilates of Athens is easily accessible on West Union Street and has ample parking. 

We have been excited to expand our services to include Gaia Tree Alive Sacred Space.  Gaia Tree Alive Sacred Space is offering many amazing Health and Wellness Products, including our smoothie station and doTerra essential oil products, as well as other classes, bodywork and services.  Get all the supplies you need to boost healthy living with smoothie supplies, yoga classes, essential oils, and bodywork.  
Restorative Yoga is a wonderful gift to share with the your friends and family at Gaia Tree Alive Sacred Space.
You do not have to wait for the announcement of a Restorative Yoga class.  Schedule a private or small group class with our Certified Instructor!  Restorative Yoga is offered as a private one on one or as a small group practice by appointment.  Weekly spots are available for this relaxing and refreshing yoga practice!  Call the studio at 594-2332 to schedule your private or small group Restorative Yoga Class.
Adding a studio session with one of our certified instructors is a great way learn something new about your body, while improving your well being. 

Impress yourself with your increased strength and flexibility as you begin to create a "Pilates body."  We still have many openings at the studio to fit your busy schedule.    

Keep up with your busy lifestyle with the core strength and vibrant energy that Pilates offers to ANY regular practitioner.  All you have to do is SHOW UP and Pilates unravels your inner resources, encouraging a healthy lifestyle.


No Pain, no Gain... NO WAY!

So much time is wasted away at the gym with little to show for it! It can be painful to even think of spending another hour doing the same routine.  -not to mention boring-

Pilates gets results through precision, concentration, and consistent repetition.  Pilates exercises are fun and challenging.  You will lose inches and feel strong deep inside.    

Pilates trains the mind, body, and breath to work together through an efficient series of exercises. Pilates is a full-body workout that treats the body as an integrated whole, instead of working on each part individually. It develops the body uniformly, helping to restore a state of ease and health.

We love to hear from you!

Please let us know how we are doing.  We appreciate any feedback about our services, classes, studio or website.  We want to know how we can serve you better!  

We would love to hear your success story about how Pilates has changed your life.  It can sometimes by the extra nudge someone needs to make the commitment to a healthy and happy life.  You can submit your story via email at pilatesofathens@gmail.com, by mail to Pilates of Athens 540 West Union Street Suite f Athens, Ohio 45701, or in person.  We always love to see your happy smiling face!